Rainbow: What? No! … well I mean, it’s not like I haven’t thought about it, but…

Twilight: It’s okay Dashie, I’m just teasing.

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Commissions are now OPEN!

Hey all.

This has been a LONG time coming. I wanted to do this when I had all the assets I needed (Foal puppets complete, a Princess or two), but unfortunately a few days ago my second monitor busted, so that’s sort of lit a fire under my butt to get this done. Since this is my first time with any sort of public commission work, I’ll open up five slots for the time being to make it more manageable for me. If it turns out I can handle it, I’ll open up more.

As for what this means for my Tumblr, and comic, I’m still working on them! Don’t anyone fret about that, it’s just I need some extra cash at the moment, and my day job is far from delivering, so I’m hoping to supplement it a little with this. So take a look at the options and see what you like. I am working on a Princess Luna puppet, but don’t expect it to be done soon. As for the big question, NSFW or not? I’m going to keep my commissions Safe for Work only. There’s a few reasons for this (and me being against NSFW art is definitely not one of them), the biggest of which is that I am wholly inexperienced when it comes to NSFW content, and as such, I can’t promise the same sort of quality that I could provide otherwise. Another reason is mostly due to time, I can only work on a NSFW image at night, in the wee hours of the morning after everyone else has gone to sleep. If I had a second monitor, I could potentially risk it (as it gives me enough warning when someone comes into my room to minimize it), but as it stands, my main monitor is the first thing anyone’ll see when looking for me in my room… which could lead to some potential awkwardness. So yeah, NSFW is out for now.

Regardless, if you want to commission me, just drop me a message through DeviantArt, or either of my Tumblr’s, and we’ll work something out!


I should make mention of the process I go through when I do commissions. If you were to choose the full colour picture option, I will first do a sketch. I will then send that sketch to you for review, it’s at this stage that you can ask for big changes to the picture, say if you don’t like the pose, or think the background is wrong for what you envision. If all is good, I’ll ask for you to pay the first half of the final amount, and then get to work on finishing the rest of the picture. When I finish the picture, I’ll send a low-resolution, watermarked copy to you for final review, which is the stage you can request smaller changes, like facial expressions, etc. When we both agree on the final image, I’ll then send you an invoice. I’m doing this for book keeping reasons and I’ll have proof for when the tax man comes. The invoice should allow you to pay the money directly to me with no hassles at all. Then I will email you the final image at whatever resolution you want it at (the only limitation to this is if it crashes Flash when trying to export it). 

The process for the other options is similar, except since they’re rather small amounts (10-15-20, etc), I wont require the first half of payment (nor will I send you a sketch unless you pick the Complex Pose option). I will however send you a watermarked version of the image when it’s done for final review, then I’ll send an invoice for you to pay the full amount, and then I will email you the final image(s) at whatever resolution you want it at.

Finally, on the front page of my DeviantArt (and mod blog on Tumblr), I’ll have a list of how many slots that are open currently. If you see a slot marked as pending, it means that someone has contacted me interested in getting a commission, but hasn’t replied with what they want. A pending slot is both available or unavailable, that is to say if the other four slots are taken, and one is pending, if someone emails me and we can set up a commission in time, that person will take that pending slot, and the person who was originally in there will get first dips on a newly opened slot, if they’re still interested. I think this is a fair system, and encourages people to set it up quickly, early bird and all that.

((Last time I’m reblogging this for now (I’ll probably try to re-reblog this once a week for the next few weeks or so). Just wanted to share some new information regarding the commission process and slot-status.))


Many of you might have already guessed this particular submission was incoming. After all, Ask Sparkles and Dashie happens to be one of the first TwiDash askblogs, and mod of the blog, Somepony, graciously took the time to complete this very special 1000 follower commission for TwiDashLove (this blog).

A special thanks goes out to all the artists, writers, animators, and musicians this blog features—without you this blog would not be possible. And thank you, all 1000+ of you for watching, following,and sharing TwiDash. You guys are why this blog exists, and will continue to exist for as long as there is love of TwiDash.

(( Congratulations on your first thousand followers. May your next thousand come swiftly :P

I recommend to all of my followers that they check TwiDashLove out if they like all things TwiDash.

This was a blast to complete, so thank you for the opportunity :) ))


((Part 1 of 2))

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((Part 1 of 2))

To Be Continued, part 1 of ??

((The beginning of a new arc. It’s a very loose To Be Continued. My biggest problem with the last arc, the Nightmare Night arc, was the constant pressure on me to finish it, and let it be my ONLY focus for the blog. It’s a good outlook, but considering how many updates it spanned (and my overall speed for completing work), it just became this monster looming over my head.

As a result, I will be continuing this thread, but in my own time, and if I have an urge to do some other updates not pertaining to the arc, I’ll do them. It just frees me up to tell a story (something I’ve desperately wanted to start in this blog), but also keep it loose and not allow myself to be bogged down by it. 

As for the story itself, well… it probably won’t be a happy story, but it’s one I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while.

In regards to this post itself, it was actually started WAAAAY back in August 2012, so all these assets here are old, and the puppets themselves (and a background) are mostly from the Double Rainboom team. Shout out to all their hard work. It’s a shame that it was just ripped down by the director without any notice, especially the website which had tons of great resources. Oh well.))

Rainbow: What do you mean? I’m not overprotective! I don’t know what you’re talking about.


((Well, I’ve been practicing since the last time I posted hand drawn updates, and now I can confidently say that this is the way the blog is going to look from now on.

Guest update for April Fools Day provided by the amazingly talented AphexAngel from Ask Stalkerloo.))

((Happy April Fools Day, everypony. :) ))

((Well, I’ve been practicing since the last time I posted hand drawn updates, and now I can confidently say that this is the way the blog is going to look from now on.

Guest update for April Fools Day provided by the amazingly talented Ask Stalkerloo.))

So… Patreon


I’m considering opening up a Patreon account. If anyone doesn’t know what that is, this video should give a good general basis. It seems like a neat (and completely optional) idea to be able to do what I do with less worries about pizza money work screwing me with less shifts.

Though this does bring up some questions. My main concern is the whole lack of rewards to give back. Another concern I have (and it is actually a concern), is it becoming exploitative on my end. I want to be clear when I say that, I do not mean holding my blog for ransom. I want to work on this stuff, and lack of funding isn’t going to stop me from doing that (apart from extreme cases like they cut the power, but I’m not in that situation yet). What I mean by that is that, as I understand it, it’s based off of a “get paid as you post” system, which means that I could potentially end up posting a lot of poor quality crap and get people pissed off at me for doing so. Of course it’s based off of a trust system, and I wouldn’t do it knowingly, but it’s a sort of exploitative worst case scenario. I do have a potential solution, however. 

The Building Bridges comic. The Bridges comic allows for a more structured release, and allows me to include rewards. Like, for example, those who donate $10 per thing (still not sure how it all works, and these prices are all just me bullshitting), can get access to a video of the particular page being made, and possibly have me commentate how I do specific things and whatnot. Those who donate $20 get a print-size version of the page emailed to them. $30 can be a limited slots thing to recieve a physical copy of the comic when I eventually go to print it.

As you can see, the comic provides a perfect format for me to use the Patreon system in the most fair way.

What do you guys think?

((Opening this up to the broader audience. It has to do with a possible change to the blog (I might include a link to my Patreon every now and then), and I want to get as many opinions as possible))